Appalling filth spread across town

Hazyview 1 - Rubbish piled everywhere in Hazyview

Hazyview could soon be labelled the dirtiest town going by the mounds of rubbish piled up on sidewalks, alley ways, parking areas and behind shopping complexes. During the holiday season many local and international tourists visit the town.

This past December reflected a picture of a town neglected and health concerns disregarded. There was rubbish laying everywhere and very few signs of garbage removal being implemented. Litter which included food was left in the searing heat to fester, drawing flies and establishing a breeding ground for the spread of diseases.

The slaughtering of chickens by street vendors is out of control. Numerous accounts have also been reported of monkeys being caught, killed and gutted at these food stalls. The remains are often just dumped on the ground making it an ideal haven for maggots populate.

Where is the health inspector and surely she should have noticed these things by now?

Hazyview 2 - Alleyways filled with rubbish

Hazyview 2 – Alleyways filled with rubbish

Another eye sore which welcomed visitors is the growing market of street mechanics plying their trade on pavements and even partially taking over portions of the roads. Used oil is merely spilled onto the ground and old vehicle parts are dumped on sidewalks. This is done openly while both traffic cops and police drive past. Legal mechanics have to abide to several regulations in order to operate their business and it costs them a fair amount to do so.

Yet they manage to operate within the parameters of the law. Why are the authorities not invoking the numerous laws which have been created to govern these illegal activities?

There is also the ever present smell of an overflowing sewage system which permeates the commercial and residential areas. It is a system which clearly no longer copes with the demands of an ever growing population in and around the town.

And if that was not enough for tourists to contend with, they received an additional shock from astoundingly high noise levels operating from taverns in the trust areas surrounding town. Thundering music was belted out ceaselessly at any hour of the night and day destroying any hopes of a peaceful, restful holiday.

The Grand finale to a visitors stay was the ear piercing sound of motorbikes racing up and down main roads. At no time was the traffic department seen visibly addressing this problem.

It is clearly evident that those who are responsible for the provision of services and the implementation of traffic laws and municipal bylaws are not fulfilling their obligations.

Lianda Naudé

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