Gremlins stole the front page!

Have you ever been under attack by technology or internet gremlins?

I’ve been tripped up and robbed blind by these little monsters several times since laptops and external harddrives have become mainstream products.

I come from the generation that had computer studies in the last couple of year of primary school and still recall Windows Dos games with considerable fondness. I’ve had two laptops, both Toshiba, which I adored but managed to either choke to death on dust or had components mysteriously break.

The same can be said of the external harddrives I’ve had since my university days. Three external harddrives later, I’m treating my current one like a fragile shell and almost have a heart attack each time it accidentally bumps against something.

A warning sign that the little gremlins are going to make my online life hell is when it takes my laptop ages to boot up. That usually means neither of my internet dongles will work, facebook will freeze and then I’ll be haunted by Error 503 or 4o4 no matter which website I go to.

Luckily these streaks of bad luck are far and few in-between and usually only last for a few hours. If it gets really bad, I just remind myself that 3G is still loads better than those old dial-up modems we used to have and that, if worst comes to worst, I’ll just browse the internet on my phone.

The curse of the gremlins recently also struck this website. One of the gremlins managed to steal the front page of the Hazyview Herald’s z-mag for March 13 and caused a struggle in efforts to replace it! To all the readers who are waiting for the problem to be rectified – my apologies! Know that we are trying to best the pesky little gremlins.

Let me know in the comments section or on our facebook page if you’ve come across a troop of gremlins and how you managed to get away.

Retha Nel

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