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Do you want to share your story, opinion or amazing photo? Tip-offs, stories and photos from community members are what makes the newspaper interesting.

The first and last couple of weeks of every year are some of the toughest for journalists. People are heading off on holiday or aren’t back yet, businesses close, events calenders are blank and it’s quite tough to get enough stories to fill the whole newspaper. It’s then that community tip-offs, comments on happenings in the community or even a story on someone’s interesting hobby can make a journo’s day.

While scrambling to get enough content to fill the first issue of the year, I ended up thinking about the comments and queries I usually get when I tell people I’m a journalist. “But how do you get the news?” is usually at the top of the list.

My best source of news is community members: people who tell me about the frequent water interruptions, problems with electricity, the lady next door that bakes amazing cakes or the business that helps uplift the local community. Organisations, schools and clubs that let me know about their events, achievements and send their calenders are also a great help.

After a year and a half as editor, I’ve gotten to know quite a few people and I’m always happy to meet new ones and visit new organisations, businesses and clubs. These people phone me to invite me to events, let me know of amazing achievements or interesting projects or tell me about topics they’d like to know more about. Working with my correspondent, Marlet Ireland, who is a long-time member of the community, we take turns attending various events and try to get as much interesting and relevant news as we can.

My aim is to become a part of the community and get involved with community projects and initiatives and have my cell number saved on as many phones as possible.

Many people complain that the media is too negative or that they only show a certain side of the story. You can help me tell the accurate story of Hazyview’s great community and keep other community members up-to-date with the latest news. Phone or whatsapp me to tell me about a strike, crime or disaster, email me pictures of an amazing quilt a granny made, an amazing wildlife sighting or information on a child who’s raised thousands for rhino poaching or tell me about an amazing experience you had in the area. That way we can balance the sad and bad with the good and wonderful so that residents can feel proud of the town.

If you’re a writer or just like sharing your opinion, we’re looking for community members that would like to send us regular blog entries (once or twice a month) for our website. Interested people can email their contact details, information on what they’d like to write about and how frequently they can contribute.

To send me information, photos or calendars, contact me on 072-578-8742 or send an email to [email protected]

Retha Nel

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