Loeries and Sunbirds compete on the track

Benjamin Smith and Kyle Brough fight it out in the open relay.

Surrounded by forest and with a beautiful backdrop of mountains in the distance, Summerhill Prep School held its annual interhouse athletics on Saturday.

Parents sat in the shade of the trees in a picnic-like atmosphere and supported their children.

Pupils were divided into either the Sunbirds or Loeries houses and, dressed in their team colours, had the chance to fight for glory for their house. The athletes meant business and gave their all in every event, from the normal track and field items to teamwork games. The competition was healthy and spirits were high, with one parent commenting, “I think I had more fun than my children.”

A number of records were broken on the day:

• Nkateko Sethole – 80 metres for u/9 in 13,59 seconds

• Lethu Sibiya – 80 metres for u/9 in 14,34 seconds

• Tanatswa Gunbo – 120 metres in 18,63 seconds

• Tlangelani Ndlovu – 3,29 metres in the u/11 long jump

• Thembe Mnisi – 3,09 metres in u/12 long jump

• Isabella Wood – 1,1 metres in u/11 high jump

• James Vilakazi’s – 1,16 metres in u/12 high jump, 9,05 metres in shot put

• Lesaya Calaca – 5,39 metres in u/10 shot put

• Charmaine Mhlanga’s – 7,76 metres in u/11 shot put

• Alixandra Price – 7,19 metres in u/12 shot put

• Yogan Banger – 7,8 metres in the open shot-put category. Kiara Woudberg and Metja Mosehla also broke the record.

• Zak Price, an u/7 athlete received an honourable mention as he was the first child to lose a baby tooth on the athletics field.

• The Sunbirds were the overall winners of the day.

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