Video: Wild Dogs vs Cheetah standoff over kill

Grant shared the video with and told them more about his find:

“We had come across 3 cheetah brothers that had just killed a wildebeest.

We were enjoying this incredible sighting since cheetahs are an extremely rare sighting in the Pilanesberg. We noticed how the cheetahs seemed very skittish and nervous, they had obviously sensed something was out of place.

Then we excitedly caught a glimpse of an approaching pack of wild dogs. They started to approach from the right-hand side, we couldn’t believe it. The dogs had noticed the 3 cheetahs on the kill and knew that this was an easy opportunity to get a free meal.

The wild dogs started to intimidate the cheetahs and, after a while successfully chased the cheetahs away and finished off the kill in their seemingly brutal way.

It was incredible to witness such an event. The power of the wild dogs taunting the cheetahs and the noises that the dogs were making were so overpowering and haunting, everything was spine chilling.

We were so blessed to be at this sighting. It was life changing. It had taken us 15 years to see the wild dogs in Pilanesberg.

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Jonothan Hen-Boisen

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