Rudy Cavina arrested for poaching again

MBOMBELA – Rudolf (Rudy) Cavina (45) and Johannes Mostert (49), who were each granted R500 bail in a poaching-related case in the Lowveld in March, were arrested for illegal hunting.

Police in North West Province confirmed yesterday that the two were caught near Vryburg on Saturday morning.

According to police spokesman, Capt Charlize van der Linden, Cavina and Mostert were found with 12 steenbok  in their vehicle after police received a tip-off about a suspicious-looking vehicle in the area.

They were driving a Peugeot panel van with Mpumalanga number plates. Police stopped the van and found a wooden crate with the live buck in the back.

Police also seized veterinary drugs for which the suspects had no permits, as well as three unlicenced firearms, Van der Linden said.

Cavina and Mostert made headlines when they, together with Yinay Mostert, were arrested in Graskop on March 24.

They were apprehended in a joint sting operation by SAPS and the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency (MTPA).

They allegedly had an illegal dart gun and schedule 3, 4, 5 and 6 veterinary drugs in their possession. There were also two sedated fallow deer in their vehicle.

The MTPA and SAPS obtained a search warrant for Cavina’s property, at which they found firearms and evidence of bomas under construction.

A source close to the investigation stated that Cavina had previously attempted to obtain permits for game capture from the MTPA, but this was denied due to him not having adequate holding facilities for animals.

Cavina and Mostert appeared in the Vryburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday and were granted bail of R 1000.00

Their trial in Graskop has been postponed due to the court awaiting forensic evidence. The three men are expected to reappear for trial in the Graskop Magistrate’s Court on August 24.

Tereasa Dias

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