Your comprehensive guide to the Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has officially launched in South Africa, if you haven’t played it or at least of heard of the game, you might be living in another dimension.

Run among nature’s finest

Some of our national parks have the perfect day trail options, allowing you to combine your run with your beautiful surroundings.

Helskloof aloe decline to be investigated

The park’s nursery and herbarium curator Pieter van Wyk says that the declining population might even be due to extensive overgrazing by livestock for the past 30 years in the Helskloof area or climate changes.

The Table Mountain National Park volunteer rangers are watching you

The Volunteer Rangers are young adults from surrounding communities with a passion for the national park. They are empowered with knowledge and skills in mountain safety and rescue, conservation, guiding and leadership which they then put to use in their free time.

Gannaga Pass more than just a scenic route

This beautiful pass starts about 5km from the Roodewerf offices on the road to the small village of Middelpos. The foot of the pass is like an open amphitheatre hugged by the surrounding mountains, towering high above the plains.